Statement on Islamic Security Alliance

Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI) stands in support of the Islamic security alliance to combat terrorism recently announced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

PAFI welcomes the news that 34 states, including Qatar, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkey, and others, will work together to formulate a cohesive response to the growing threat that terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, pose to the entire world.

As terrorist groups and militias have proliferated in recent years, there is a dire need for a response from the Islamic world to confront the threats and challenges that these movements present. These groups have wreaked tremendous havoc and displaced millions of people because of their violence.

PAFI takes this stance, on behalf of the people of Iraq who have been affected by the violence that terrorist organizations and militias have created.

This strife has placed the Iraqi people under siege because of the sectarian policies of the Iraqi government. The coalition should also work to eliminate Iranian supported terrorism in Iraq which will contribute to peace and stability.

We understand that this is the first step in a long effort to unite many countries behind the common purpose of combatting terrorist organizations.

Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari

President | Peace Ambassadors for Iraq