1452131_539904546095073_1058691162_nAyatollah Fadl al-Badery is an esteemed member of the Arab Shi’ite Marja’ and a diligent jurist in the study and development of Sharia law.

Sheikh Fadl al-Badery was born in Najaf, Iraq in 1970.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Biology from Al-Mustansiriya University.

He holds a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence, the Hadith, and Koranic science from Hawza Seminary in Najaf, Iraq.

Throughout his life, Sheikh Fadl has been a widely respected and passionate communicator on Islamic theory and principles and has worked to develop relations within the Muslim community in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. His office of Islamic law has many followers in the Iraqi community.

He is a resident of Najaf, Iraq.