Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI)’s primary objective is to inform the international community of the situation on the ground in Iraq through objective, trustworthy and reliable information. This will enhance understanding of the problems in their proper context and will also assist with mediation, and bring crucial parties together.

PAFI proposes the construction of real diplomatic partnerships to comprehensively deal with the problems of Iraq as well as a push by the international community to restart meaningful and honest negotiation towards ending the conflict in Iraq.

In order to meet these objectives, PAFI seeks:

To initiate a search for broader diplomatic solutions through the United Nations, the European Union and the U.S. This entails working to build a true coalition that will act through diplomatic and alternative means. This will obviate the use of harmful military strikes by foreign powers.

To develop an information network that documents, reports and disseminates accounts of human rights violations and institutes a warning system to avoid further abuses.

To present real and effective solutions for peace based only on the interests of the Iraqi people, and not particular groups within the country or abroad.

To provide the international community with sufficient access to peaceful changes taking place as called for and decided by the Iraqi people themselves rather than others.