Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI) is an internationally-oriented, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to achieving peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

As the seat of the 2015 EU Presidency, Riga, Latvia was chosen to be the founding location of PAFI in order to engage the European public and policy makers on the ways to move toward a more united Iraq.

We believe that peace, prosperity, and sustainable development will enable the Iraqi people to resolve their differences. In doing so, Iraq will leave behind the strife and division of its past and seize the bright future that lies before it.

The path to a long-term solution to conflict in Iraq depends on reform of the country’s political process and institutions rather than a continued reliance upon military force alone.

PAFI is dedicated to working with partners from governments, institutions, civil society, and individuals in an effort to bring about lasting peace and reconciliation for the people of Iraq.