Al Dhari: Paris Conference – the first step toward true peace and a strong Iraq

The suffering of the Iraqi people from violence, terrorism, overwhelming tyranny of the militias, and the endemic failure of the succession of governments since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, coupled with corruption and sectarianism continues unabated.  

This situation in Iraq calls for immediate action the to save the country.  Action that is principled and realistic, which fullfill the basic national aspirations including: liberation, independence, and a safeguarding of national honour.  It must take into account the current circumstances that prevail in Iraq and the region.  

It is no longer possible or acceptable to ignore or overlook the crisis that engulfs Iraq.

The experience of the last thirteen years have highlighted many failures and possibilities. These must be taken into account when attempting to establish a new patriotic and political initiative. It must steadfastly uphold these ambitious and complex objectives.

In recognising that these issues are the aims of the Paris Conference, the Conference aims to build a new national political movement that includes all opposing Iraqi groups, to build a wide base for a patriotic project to end the years of sectarianism, divisions and failures.  This project aims to establish a new era in which all components of the Iraqi society participate and work with the international community to put an end to blood shed, terrorism, militias, and foreign influence –  in particular the malign influence of Iran.

The Paris Conference will be only the first step on a long road that calls for the patriotic support of Iraqis and their national movements.  It calls for the support of the world community and certain countries, in particular the United States of America  – which has a special responsibility to assist Iraq people.

Jamal al Dhari, President of PAFI