He is one of the chiefs of Zoba tribe in Iraq and he wishes to summon up international community to reconcile the Sunnis and the Shiites. In 2014 he has founded the Peace Ambassadors for Iraq, an organization working for the long term political solution. We have met him during his visit in Paris, in December.

What was your purpose of the Peace Ambassadors for Iraq foundation in 2014?

For the purpose of telling the truth. We wish to provide insight into the today’s Iraq, which is not good. There are big problems in this country, especially the terrorism, which has stricken the Europe. The war has divided our country into two parts: on the one side there are the Shiites and on the other the Sunnis.  We’re working for the national reconciliation and we hope that international community will support us. In March, 2015, we ran a conference in Riga, Latvia, and then we went to Brussels, to Paris. Last year in Rome together with the Institute of American Studies we organized an assembly concerning the corruption gangrening Mosul.

Americans, isn’t it their fault that your country now is in such a severe crisis?

Yes, Americans are Iraq’s big problem. They made a great mistake intruding into Iraq. The terrorism rolling in the Europe and in the rest of the World takes its origin largely from this war in 2003. It’s their creation – the country’s political system, religious system, where there are the Sunnis on the one hand and the Shiites on the other. They have created this separation, and for the Americans, this is democracy. If this system does not change, it would not be possible to have something socially good in the country. The Americans rule the country, and they have the solution in their hands, but they do not care… Obama has withdrawn all his soldiers and he has given the country to the Iranians, and they are now controlling the army and the policy. 

Do you think the strategy realizing by the international coalition is good for vanquishing Daesh?

They think that coalition strategy is good, but it’s a setback. If you chose solely military response, it would lead to the explosion and drive the creation of another terroristic organization, even stronger one. It is necessary also to realize in parallel the political operation to create effective democracy and to unite the people. Daesh has grown on the suffering of the Sunnis and Iraq’s children. Daesh is recruiting them saying that the Shiites want to kill them and take their money.

Is this what has moved you to present your national project for the Iraq united?

Yes, because the Iraqis wish it, it is ready. This national project aims to unite them all: the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Christians and the Yazidis, because they are all needed. It is possible to destroy the corruption, to establish a sustained economy, but without this political way, it would never be possible to get rid of the terrorism. We need this union desperately, because otherwise we will finish with the following remarks: “I will not give you this job because you are a Shiite” or “You cannot give your child into this school because it is for the Shiites”.