PAFI celebrates two year anniversary

On the 25th of January H. E. Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari had the pleasure of celebrating two years of his international organization Peace Ambassadors for Iraq. The celebratory Gala Dinner was held at the Radisson Blu Daugava hotel and welcomed highly esteemed guests such as ambassadors and politicians. The Sheikh gave the opening speech thanking everyone for coming and reminding of the work that has been done and what is still to come. The guests enjoyed musical performance of three guitarists – A. Hermanis, R. Macats and E. Upenieks – as well as a gourmet dinner from Chef Lauris Aleksejevs.

H. E. Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari: "The past year has been one of much change. Though we have moved forward in our fight against Daesh much remains to be done.  I have travelled to and participated in conferences in Germany, Paris and Rome, where great minds have tried to come up with solutions that will benefit all of the citizens of Iraq.  We have created and launched the Iraqi National Project, which seeks to present a new model to overcome the challenges which Iraq is facing.  I am determined to continue my work on the national project, PAFI, and the European Union so as to bring peace and freedom to the people of Iraq.

We have recently heard that Daesh lost almost one-quarter of its territory during the past year.  This is very positive and uplifting information, but we must keep in mind the fact that the most difficult work is yet to come – rejuvenating the land of Iraq.  I would encourage you to think back to the days when Latvia had finally gained its freedom and had to build the country from the ground up.  We must listen to the voices of people who are fleeing and becoming refugees.  We must help them so that they have reason to return and fight for their homeland.

Your presence here tonight means that you are part of this strong and courageous community.  Please know that every voice counts and that together we can achieve greatness."