Sheikh Jamal Al-Dhari visits Germany

On November 29th the President of the Iraqi National Conference Sheikh Jamal Al-Dhari conducted a two day visit to Germany and met with the German Foreign Minister Mr. Frank Steinmer along with separate meetings with other high-level German officials .

During these meetings they discussed the situation in Iraq and both sides emphasized the need for more active involvement of the International community to help alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people and the need to pressure the Iraqi government to cease from undertaking policies that do not serve Iraqi interests, antagonize the people and lead to segregation and sectarianism.

Also discussed was the dire need to end the role of the Militias and curtail their influence in the government .

The Sheikh stressed the importance of a German role and how Germany can assist in convincing other members of the European Union to join in on a unified effort that would help resolve Iraq's major challenges and help Various Iraqi groups and entities to trust one another once again.

Sheikh Jamal also discussed how Germany can assist in post-war reconstruction due to the experience that the Germans have historically in rebuilding their complete cities after World War 2.

Other officials met with Sheikh Jamal like the Deputy Minister of State for Economic Development and Cooperation , The Head of the Political and Security Desk at the Defense Ministry, The Head of the Crisis Management Center at the Foreign Ministry.

On the Parliament side, Sheikh Jamal met with Parliament members and various Staffers that deal with the Middle East.

Then, Sheikh Jamal took time to meet with Non- Governmental groups as well, like the Think-tanks and Media groups. The SWP Think tank and the Frankfurter Newspapers had positive meetings with the Sheikh. His interview with the Frankfurter Newspaper will be published soon.

There were lengthy discussions on the crisis in Iraq and the Sheikh took this opportunity to highlight some important facts regarding the bad governance record of the Iraqi government, the proliferation of terrorism,  rampant corruption and the sectarian policies being carried out and how all of this has exacerbated the suffering of the Iraqi people. 

The Sheikh also explained how a military effort alone will not rid Iraq of terrorism nor bring lasting peace and stability to Iraq but that there needs to be a positive political effort , National reconciliation work and badly needed reforms, in addition to the need to keep religious parties out of the government but all the Iraqi groups must participate in these efforts.

By involving all Iraqi groups  is something -that the Sheikh explained - was the motivating factor leading him to establish the Iraqi National Project,  that was launched last May in Paris in order to form a group that looked at the interests of all Iraqis first and above all other considerations to save Iraq. 

During his visit, Sheikh Jamal expressed his admiration and respect to the Honorable effort Germany has conducted to help the refugees. 

At the conclusion of his visit the Germans affirmed to Sheikh Jamal the importance of their governments dialogue with Nationalistic groups such as the INP separate of their normal meetings with the Iraqi Authorities, to which  some German officials described to the Sheikh as insufficient and that they do not offer a complete picture of what is happening in Iraq.2, 2016 at 6:16:24 PM CST