Jamalberlin1Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari, President of Peace Ambassadors for Iraq, held an intensive series of meetings with members of the German Parliament, senior officials in the German Federal Chancellory, Ministry of Defense, and leading journalists in Berlin, Germany on April 13 and 14, 2016.


Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari was accompanied in the German capital by a delegation from PAFI, including Board Member Mr. Johnny Tohme.


Sheikh al-Dhari briefed the MPs, officials, and journalists on the latest political and security problems facing Iraq.  He called attention to widespread corruption, the state’s inability to fairly administer justice, and the fact that extrajudicial militias are now in control of politicians in Baghdad.  The so-called “liberation” of Tikrit and Ramadi have left both cities utterly devastated, rebuilding of which will cost billions. Over three million people have been displaced, and the government siege of Fallujah is resulting in the deaths and starvation of countless innocent women and children. Baghdad’s insistence on these corrosive methods, as well as its legitimation of religiously-motivated militias, serve as a catalyst to Daesh’s recruitment expansion and ideological salience.


Eliminating the underlying causes behind groups like Daesh/ISIS and foreign-backed militias is paramount to ridding Iraq and the Middle East of these destabilizing forces. It is essential for our military and political apparatus to synchronize with a systemic effort aimed at destroying the roots of these groups across the region.


Al-Dhari called for the International Community to support the Iraqi people in solving the security and political problems in the country.


The Iraqi people must be empowered to come together in a full and meaningful reconciliation process, matched by a renewal of the political process, based on nonsectarian and civil values.


Jamalberlin2Al-Dhari announced a major conference to establish a true reconciliation process, convening all groups presently outside the Government, that represent the various segments of Iraqi society. The conference’s objectives are to define a tangible path toward political reform, and to identify and solve the problems preventing peace in Iraq . Details of the conference will be announced at a later date.


During his meetings, Sheikh Jamal thanked the German people for hosting Iraqi refugees. He noted his hope that all Iraq’s sons and daughters would be able to return to their homeland and live in peace and security.


Member of the Parliament included Robert Hochbaum,Chairman of the Subcommittee Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation , member of the Defense Committee; Niels Annen, spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group on foreign policy, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; and, Alexander Radwan, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the associated Subcommittee on the United Nations, International Organizations and Globalization; board member of the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG)